Q: What Are The Dimensions Of The Glasses?

Red Wine Glasses:
Height - 8 3/4"
Stem - 3 1/2"
Base  - 3 1/4"
Bowl* - 4 1/4"
Rim** - 2 3/4"

White Wine Glasses:
Height - 8 3/4"
Stem - 3 1/2"
Base - 3"
Bowl* - 3 1/4"
Rim** - 2 3/8"

Champagne Flutes:
Height - 9 1/2"
Stem - 3 1/2"
Base - 2 5/8"
Bowl* - 2 1/4"
Rim** - 1 3/4"

*the diameter at its widest point.
** the diameter.

Q: How Do I Keep My Glasses Clean?

All of RÖD Wines glasses are dishwasher safe and/or can be hand-washed. Make sure you put the glasses on the top shelf in the washer, use the stemware rack if available. Avoid the glasses touching other items in the washer to prevent scratching. For hand wash use detergent and hot water. Rinse thoroughly to remove any residual detergent that can influence the wine taste and dry with a lint free towel.

Q: How Do I Prevent Stains?

The quality of the water you wash your glasses in can sometime leave ugly stains on the glasses. This is because tap-water is influenced by the minerals in the soil. Minerals like lime will leave white marks on the glasses. An easy way to prevent this is to hand-wash your glasses in filtered water. You can also use vinegar and a piece of lint-free cloth to remove any stains.

Q: Why Are My Glasses So Heavy?

RÖD Wine glasses are heavier because of the material and thickness of the glass.
All of our products are made from lead-free crystal and are restaurant grade.
This makes the glasses stronger and more durable. We want you to enjoy our glasses and use them, not leave them in a cabinet because you’re afraid they will break.

Q: What Are The Glasses Made Of?

Our glasses are made of lead-free crystal called crystalline. This is a process that increase the durability of crystal glass without the lead component. Instead of led we use sodium-potassium which is a lot more environment friendly. The production of the glasses use electrical smelting that further decrease the impact.

Q: Why Are My New Glasses Dirty?

RÖD Wine glasses come strait from the factory and even though they have been washed, there is a chance that there is a little dirt. It’s advisable always wash glasses before the first use.

Q: Are My Glasses Unbreakable?

No, although crystal is far more durable than regular glass. If they are dropped and/or not handled with care, they may break.

Q: Why Is There a Seam In The Glasses?

The slightly visible seam has to do with the manufacturing process. These are ecologically lead-free glasses and this is the process we used to produce crystalline.

Q: Are Your Wineglasses for Beginners?

Our selection of glasses are what we consider the best glasses for enjoying wine in. Both for beginners, intermediates and experts.
We have gone with the wider bowl red wine glass both for the taste and feel of the glass, with plenty of room to aerate the wine and enhance the natural flavors. For white wine we opted for a classic shape and for champagne a longer flute to keep the carbonation.
All glasses are tempered and of restaurant quality so that you can have beautiful glasses that are durable and enjoy wine from. 

Q: How Do I Take The Glasses Out Of The Box?

When you take the glasses out of the box, hold the stem and gently push the rim of the glasses into the cardboard. While pushing the glass inward pull the base of the glass out and lastly, take the bowl out. Put them back by following these instructions in the reverse order.