About us

Where It Started

The two founders, Johan Hallberg and Carl Helgesson, have been friends since the
late 90’s. It was their common interests that brought them together: Good wine and
Good food.

Johan chose his passion for food as a career and has been a chef at several
exceptional restaurants in Scandinavia. Carl followed his entrepreneurial spirit and
has built several successful brands.

The Problem

Johan and Carl have always loved trying new restaurants and have traveled around
the world for new wine and food experiences.

But they experienced a problem that was repeated over and over again. One that
you have probably experienced yourself.

When they found wines that they loved at a restaurant or vineyard they bought a
couple of bottles, but discovered it didn’t taste nearly as good when drinking it at

It was obvious – the wine tasted differently in different types of glasses.

They started to try the same type of wine in different glasses and noticed a
remarkable difference. The glasses had a major impact on the wine and the
experience itself.

The Solution

Johan and Carl immersed themselves in glass knowledge and began to analyze the

It was clear to them that there were few glass companies who really satisfied the
factors that they were looking for. As a matter of fact, they didn't find any in the
marketplace at all that met their criteria:

● Highlights the wine's natural flavors
● Beautiful, attractive, and timeless design
● The highest quality (lead free crystal)
● Dishwasher friendly
● Has packaging that is durable for reuse & perfect as a gift

The few glasses that were actually delivering a good wine experience had a big
problem; they were very light, thin and fragile. They didn’t last many rounds in the
dishwasher, sometimes not even one wash, before they cracked. And they were
extremely expensive.

Johan and Carl wanted to fill this important gap in the market and started to research
all possible glassware manufacturers all over the world.

They found their dream factory in the world famous Bohemia region of Europe. A
glassware producer with more than 250 years of experience producing top quality
crystal glasses.

Together with the manufacturer they went through all types of glass recipes until they
found the ultimate one, a more than 100 year old recipe.

That old recipe is now the foundation in a modern high-tech ecological production.

Now all of our RÖD Wine glasses are meeting the hard to reach criteria which makes
the products unique.

RÖD Wine was born

After contracting with the producer, RÖD Wine was born.

RÖD is the Swedish word for the color red. It is synonymous for red wine, but also for

RÖD Wine is not just about providing well designed, high quality glasses. We want to
educate you, make you a better wine drinker, and help you to get even better wine
experiences. Our goal is to give you the knowledge to enjoy wine in the highest
quality glasses with a design that is both timeless and practical. RÖD Wine
encourages you to share excellent wine and special moments and memories with
your loved ones.

An important thing for us was to make RÖD Wine global. Both founders are
experienced world travelers and wish that everyone, no matter where you are in the
world, have the chance to get RÖD Wine glasses for an amazing wine experience.

RÖD Wine glasses are available in the USA and Europe.

Glass Matters

That is a fact.

RÖD Wine has proven it with all of their tests using different wine glasses on the

Why keep drinking wine from a glass that doesn’t help you to have a better wine
experience, or even worse, from a glass that is giving you a bad wine experience?

You don’t have to do that anymore!

RÖD Wine’s products are made to enhance your wine experience, to get mediocre
wines to taste good, and to make great wines taste amazing. 

Our products are made to provide joy and happiness in your life. Bring excellence to
your next dinner party with great food, good friends and RÖD Wine!