Wine Resolutions for 2020

New year is the time when people make resolutions, change their old ways and aspire towards new goals. For wine lovers, what are some of the wine habits you can look forward to developing, as we kick start the new year? Here are 4 ideas to inspire you.

1. Discover a new wine region

Elevate your love affair with wine by exploring vineyards, meeting winemakers and developing a connection with some of the new wines you have come to enjoy. Including wine in your travel will also spice up your trip and leave you with great memories.

2. Buy local

Sustainability is huge topic now and everyone can do with a little mindfulness and conscious living. While we can easily order wine online and have the bottles conveniently delivered to us, why not use this year to support your local wine merchants? Spend more time in wine shops, read the labels at the back of the bottles and get to know the people running the stores, who are probably also knowledgeable wine enthusiasts.

3. Change your glassware

Is it time to replace your wine glass, or perhaps expand your collection? Maybe you have been drinking all your red, white and bubbly from just one type of wine glass. There’s nothing wrong with that, but this might just be the year to infuse a little elegance in your wine drinking habit. Invest in a new set of wine glasses or purchase that gorgeous wine glass you’ve been eyeing to enjoy your Pinot Noir with.

4. Try more wine

Step out of your comfort zone and be adventurous this year in giving different types of wine and grapes a chance. Instead of chasing after trends like others, or sticking to old favorites, take the time to discover wine from new countries or regions. This could also be the year to explore organic and bio-dynamic wine and add them to your collection. You can visit wine fairs to discover new wine varieties, or simply befriend your local wine merchant who can recommend interesting wines to you.