Wine Gifts for Different Personalities

It has been said that the wine you like to drink defines who you are as a person. When you are planning to give wine as a gift, how do you select a wine based on the personality of the recipient?

For the optimist brimming with hope, a bubbly person who is the life of a party, you should definitely give champagne as a gift. Champagnes are drunk at celebrations and a vibrant personality would be flattered to receive this sparkling wine as gift.

For a laid-back and easy-going friend, Merlot is the perfect gift. Fruity yet smooth with a soft finish, this wine is easy to enjoy with food and delicious to drink on its own. This is a fabulous gift idea for a pleasant someone who is very nice and genuine.

For the sophisticated intellect, always coming up with thought-provoking ideas and enjoys long conversations, Sauvignon Blanc is the wine to give. It is refreshing and aromatic, with the grapes taking on the characteristics of the region where they are grown. This is a white wine that pairs well with a wide range of dishes.

Pinot Noir is an elegant red wine that suits a classy, enigmatic personality. To show admiration for an older figure who is well-respected, like a parent, a relative or even a boss, this is a choice wine gift.

We all know someone who is bold and confident, nothing seems to get this type down. They are passionate about life and generous with family and friends. For someone like that, Chardonnay is an excellent wine gift idea. Rich and interesting, this is a wine that overflows with confidence, befitting of its recipient.

For the successful businessman, the world-traveler, the go-getter, an age-worthy Cabernet Sauvignon will make for a great gift that could be cellared for a while before being uncorked. Complex, bold and savoury, this is a popular wine that has cultivated a superb reputation for itself.

If you wish to give wine to someone with a fun personality, you will not go wrong with a Rosé or White Zinfandel. These wines are wonderful for the charming social butterflies with a sense of adventure, who are constantly surrounded by friends and always coming up with reasons for parties and celebrations.