Twelve New Year’s Resolutions for Wine Lovers

New Year’s Resolutions don’t all have to be about losing weight and going to the gym. Why not this year make some resolutions that you’ll stick to? Obviously if you’re here reading this, then you love wine so I say that we all make resolutions that we’ll stick to because they’re on a topic we love – wine!

As they say, life’s too short to drink bad wine – so here’s a dozen wine New Year Resolutions to make the year ahead a good one (and maybe a little bit of a tipsy one too!).

1. Say yes to trying new wines
The next time someone offers you a wine you’ve never heard of say yes! Or if you’re offered a wine you tried 2 years ago and didn’t like, say yes to trying it this year.
Our tastes change and develop and sometimes preconceptions get in the way of judgement. So this year I say have an open mind and try everything you’re offered or if you see something new in the bottle shop, give it a go!

2. Improve your wine knowledge
Stop procrastinating about doing a wine appreciation class or course. This is the year to sign up and learn more about what’s in your glass! Alongside, there are a myriad of wine events you can attend to try new wines and further
educate yourself on the world of wine.

3. Stop being so judgey aka a wine wanker
This doesn’t apply to everyone, but I just want to put this out there that everyone needs to stop judging people on what they drink. I don’t care if Passion Pop or Penfolds is your favourite tipple of choice – at the end of the day we all have different tastes and we should embrace that. Stop being a wine wanker.

4. Visit a local winery
This is actually one of my goals for the year! I have set myself the goal of visiting all the Swan Valley wineries in the next 365 days and blogging about them. They are literally on my back doorstep so why shouldn’t I get to know them a little bit better!

5. Quality over quantity
Give it a go! Instead of buying 3 bottles for $10 each, try a $30 bottle and see if it agrees with your taste buds. Who knows you may like it! Plus you’ll also reap the rewards of less/better hangovers and fewer calories.

6. Drink local wine
This is pretty self-explanatory but why not focus on supporting your local wine industry this year. The thing with drinking local as well is that typically local produce and dishes go exceptionally well with the wine that is made in that region. Therefore it makes wine and food matching easy!

7. Try more wine
The more you try, the more you understand about what’s in your glass and what you like. As with point 1, be adventurous – try new wines and try as many as you can or why not make an aim to celebrate all the international wine days of the year!