The Wines of Barossa Valley

Southern Australia is renowned for producing supreme quality wine and amidst this wine region, Barossa Valley is one of the oldest, with many vines here being more than 100 years old. Barossa Valley is most celebrated for its red wine. Given the dry and hot climate, the grapes get to ripen fully while retaining high sugar content. This plays a part in creating powerful wines that are punchy and highly concentrated in flavor.

Shiraz rules in Barossa Valley. Being rich and full-bodied, the prized Barossa Shiraz is more fruit-driven than its Old World counterpart. It showcases beautiful notes of chocolate, peppery spices, blackberry, blueberry, cassis and mocha, with supple tannin that gives a velvety long finish, making this wine the perfect pairing with hearty dishes such as braised lamb and barbecued steak. 

Other than Shiraz, you can also find wines like Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache and Mourvèdre being produced in Barossa Valley. In fact, this is one of the first wine regions to introduce the Shiraz Cabernet blend to the world. Fans of white wine would be pleased to know that Riesling is also produced in Barossa Valley, in pristine quality, bearing a style that is delicately dry yet high in acidity. For age-worthy Barossa wines, seek out Riesling and Shiraz that come from the nearby sub-region of Eden Valley because they are often highly acidic, thus making them great choices for ageing.

One of the biggest wine brands that is the pride of Australia and Barossa Valley has to be Jacob’s Creek. With a history and expertise spanning 160 years, you should definitely start here to begin your tasting journey of the fine wines of Barossa Valley.