The Procrastinator’s Guide to Giving the Best Christmas Gifts

Buying gifts is difficult; whether you are a procrastinator in the gift buying department, got invited to more holiday parties than you thought, or your small family Christmas has turned into a family reunion.

Here are some go-to gifts that will save you during the holidays and still make sure that your gift is loved.

Wine Glasses

Wine glasses are the perfect addition to a gift basket full of wine and chocolates. Rod Wine also carries beautiful Champagne glasses that are bound to be used right away during the New Year’s celebration. Having quality wine glasses can take your wine and food experience to the next level.


Pretty standard, but a bottle of wine as a hospitality gift, a stocking stuffer, or to go alongside another wine-themed gift will always be a win.

Wine Cooler

If you are looking for a larger gift, a wine cooler will make the perfect addition to any home. Store your bottles correctly and keep them in a temperature-controlled environment.

Wine Carrier

A wine carrier is a thoughtful accessory for those who frequent tasting rooms and wine shops. Carriers come in all sizes and make it easier to carry multiple bottles to their destination safely.


Wine books are a fantastic gift. The World Atlas of Wine is a personal favorite and people enjoy learning more about where their wine is coming from.

There are countless thoughtful gifts that you can get all the wine lover’s in your life. Stock up on bottles, glasses, and accessories so you can make a quick basket when needed.