Prosecco Sangria

During the sultry August of 1964, many Americans sampled this Spanish drink for the first time at the New York World's Fair. A mixture of chilled wine and fruit, was an instant hit.

Prosecco  is an Italian white wine. Prosecco DOC can be spumante ("sparkling wine"), frizzante ("semi-sparkling wine"), or tranquillo ("still wine"), depending on the perlage. It is made from Glera grapes, formerly known also as Prosecco, but other grape varieties may be included.

On the other hand, Sangria is an alcoholic beverage of Spanish origin. A punch, the sangria traditionally consists of red wine and chopped fruit, often with other ingredients such as orange juice or brandy.



In a martini shaker: (per drink)

Base: Muddle 2 slices of cucumber with 4 whole strawberries.

Add: 1 oz Limoncello and 1 oz simple syrup.

Fill the remainder of the shaker with ice and shake until base is very cold.

I mix about 5 drink bases per shaker full.

Add 2 half slices of cucumber and 1 sliced strawberry to flute,

Strain base mix into flute until half full, top with ice cold prosecco.


An easy to make sparkling party punch for when you don’t want to spend the whole time mixing complicated cocktails!  More time for laughing and drinking can only be a good thing!