Kick Off Spring With These Fabulous Wines

With winter coming to a close, the flowers will start blooming and the grey skies of winter will disappear. More vegetables will start blossoming into season, which calls for a change in meals. Lighter and fresher salads pairs perfectly with a crisp and citrusy wine like an unoaked, sauvignon blanc.

Visiting the local farmer’s market, you may be greeted with some earthy asparagus, hearty collard greens or some zingy limes. To balance the crispy snap and freshness of these produce, you want a light to medium bodied and fruity wine with some notes of acidity. A Gruner Veltliner would make a perfect selection.

Foraging through your spring harvest, you may come across some succulent strawberries, there’s nothing better than a sweet champagne. Make sure that your sweet strawberries are matched with just as sweet champagne like a demi-sec or the ever crowd pleaser, prosecco.

The blossoming flowers coupled with the soaring sun will fill your garden with aromatic delights. The fresh, delicate and mineral flavours of Chablis will help you relax from your spring clean.

Furthermore, if you see yourself venturing out for a picnic with a nice selection of cheeses, or firing up the barbeque in the garden, try out a rosé or Syrah. The refreshing sweetness of a rosé and the floral, peppery notes of a Syrah, make for a perfect match with your barbequed burger.

The great thing about spring is that you can enjoy pretty much any wine, no matter what the occasion! Get exploring and enjoy the bloom of the year!