Finding the Perfect Wine for your Fish 

Fish can be categorized into different groups based on their texture and flavor so there’s various wine pairings available. Generally white wines pair better than red, as red wine contains high levels of tannin compared to white wine. For the most part, red wines are bolder in flavor and overpower fish, where as white wines are more delicate and complimentary. Here are 4 categories of fish to help you find the perfect wine for your fish dish.

Delicate Fish

Fish such as haddock, sea bass and Pollock are all very delicate in texture and taste, therefore require a wine with the same characteristics. A citrusy wine that can refresh your palette will compliment these kinds of fishes well. Pinot Gris is the perfect match for your sea bass, as it enhances the subtlety of the fish with its zingy flavor.

Medium Textured fish

These fish are still flaky and quite delicate but have more of a firmer texture.  Trout, hake and Pollock will compliment well wines, which are more rich, bold and well-rounded in flavor. A chardonnay, which has a sharp and crisp flavor, will elevate your trout to a more buttery flavor!

Firm Textured fish

Monkfish, salmon and tuna are great examples   of fish that have a meaty kind of texture. These fish can stand up to richer and full bodied wines so you should be looking for a rich white wine and possibly into a few red wines/rosés. For your salmon, an aromatic, fruity Beaujolais nouveau will balance the bold flavors of the fish.

Strong flavored fish 

Anchovies, Sardines and Mackerel all have a strong salty taste so you want a wine that can no only withstand that saltiness but one that can balance it so that you do not feel parched. Champagne is a great option as well as a dry rosé for and alternative option. Prosecco is always a fantastic choice, as the sweetness will cut through the salinity of these fish.


Tip: Pairings may differ depending on if you include a sauce with your fish! Explore more of our blogs to find the perfect wine for your sauce.