Date Night Wine

Are you planning a romantic dinner date and have no idea what wine to get? The table is set with candles, fresh flowers and you even bought a box of chocolate. Soft, jazzy music is playing in the background. What you are missing is a bottle of wine.

Nothing elevates your date night into a sexy, romantic evening than sharing a bottle of good wine with that someone special. You will not go wrong with sparkling wine. From champagne to cava, a flute of bubbly makes for a sophisticated statement and never fails to call for a celebration.

If carbonation in your wine does not appeal to you on a romantic date, you can always opt for a Merlot. This smooth, elegant wine is rich in plum and easy to drink. If you are going to cook for your date, you will be pleased to know that Merlot pairs well with different types of dishes, so you can go from appetizers to dessert, savoring an excellent bottle of Merlot.

For the globe-trotting enthusiasts, there is no need to fly your date to Italy when you can just open a bottle of Chianti or Super Tuscan, and let the aroma and rich flavor of the wine transport you to the verdant countryside of rolling hills and rustic charm. Impress your date with a Tignanello, Sassicaia or Ornellaia and connect with that special someone over your shared love for unique wines.

The same can be said for those who adore everything French. If you and your date are all about luxury, then go for a decadent bottle of Bordeaux! A French rosé evokes summer in Provence and is perfect for a casual dinner, while a solid Viognier seduces with its rich fruit and floral notes, transporting you to the Rhône valley.

If you prefer a delicate wine to unwind through a quiet evening, Pinot Noir is your best bet. The soft tannin creates a delicate structure and a freshness in taste, bringing out a delightful red-fruit aroma of cherry, strawberry and plum, enchanting even the most selective wine connoisseur.