Confit Chicken Legs Recipe

We are back with another French classic - Confit Duck. But since duck wasn't available I went with chicken. The only change in the recipe is the temperature you bake the meat at.

Confit is food submerged in oil and baked in the oven. It increases the tenderness and moisture of the meat. I am also slow cooking the meat at low temperature for at least 10 hrs to increase the tenderness a bit further.

Basic Ingredients:

Chicken/Duck Legs
Canola oil  
Salt & Pepper

Feel free to mixture with what you spices and ingredients you add like lemon, garlic, fresh spices, wine. Replace or add oil like flavored oils, olive oil, duck fat etc - It will add flavor to the chicken/duck.

I made my own spice mix in a coffee grinder with thyme, salt, black pepper & rosemary, then added wine and fresh thyme.

 Lets start:

Rub the chicken with spices. Set oven at 155F / 68C for Chicken,  150F / 65C for Duck. 

 Heat butter and oil in a frying pan at medium-high heat.

 Pan fry the Chicken/Duck for about 2 minutes per side.

Put the chicken in a roasting pan and add thyme, or whatever ingredients you have decided on.

Add some red wine ( or lemon, white wine )

Fill the the pan with oil. Make sure the skin of the duck/chicken is above the surface so that it gets crispy when baked.

Let it bake for 10-12 hrs. Last 15 minutes increase the temperature to 260F / 125C.

The Chicken is ready to serve.

Strain and save the oil for roasting/confit vegetables. 

I hope you try this recipe out. It's fairly easy and you save time.

If you have any questions feel free to ask them below.