Bubbly Cocktails for Summer Celebrations

It is undeniable that sparkling wines give special occasions extra glamor and more cause for celebration. This summer, you may be planning a party, brunch, picnic or a cosy event. If you wish to take the usual offering of sparking wines up a notch, why not consider blending your favorite bubbly into delicious cocktails?

Sweeten your Moët with watermelons, which are popular thirst-quenchers during summer. Mix 1 part watermelon juice with 4 parts champagne, then squeeze in fresh lime juice for some zing. You can adjust the quantity of the watermelon juice to make it sweeter. Alternatively, you can macerate fresh mint leaves with sugar and add that to give extra sweetness and freshness to this beautiful pink cocktail.

Take a trip to Italy with a cocktail named “Sbagliato”, which was originally a mistake made by a bartender when he was making Negroni. Mix 4 parts of Prosecco with 1 part sweet vermouth and 1 part Campari. Feel free to finish off with a citrus peel of your choice.

If you fancy a dry sparkling wine like cava, you could create a ruby red stunner with 1 part pomegranate juice and 4 parts chilled cava, sprinkling in fresh pomegranate seeds for texture and visual effect.

Fans of Ernest Hemingway might be keen to create his recipe of “Death in the Afternoon” cocktail. Mix 1 part Absinthe with 4 parts brut champagne. You can substitute Absinthe with Pernod, depending on what is available.

Tea lovers, feel free to mix 1 part Earl Grey tea with 2 parts gin, add in lemon juice and sweetened with honey, then top off with your favourite sparkling wine for a delightful summer cocktail that is easy to drink yet unique to your repertoire.

With these new ideas in mind, you can go beyond the usual cocktails such as Bellini and Mimosa, elevating yourself into the toast of all of your celebrations and get-togethers this summer!