7 different wines with the low-calorie count

Wine is a healthy drink, brimming with antioxidants. But the glass you topped too many times for the past couple of days is probably why you need to run an extra mile. The number of calories present in certain kinds of wines could be a shocking revelation for most of us. In fact, it probably contributed to making you oversized for your favorite pair of jeans. Healthy living should always be a priority. But having to stay on the edge every time you look at a gorgeous bottle of wine just isn’t the way to it.



Low-calorie specialists:

The trend of dedicated low-calorie wine began with a Skinny girl that has now expanded to a collection of 8 wines which has about less than 100 calories per five ounces. Weight watchers then launched Cense followed by FitVine with Sauvignon blanc, pinot, and chardonnay with just 90 calories per ounce. Featherweight and Sumika are also the low-calorie collections you can look for. So Light, Blue Nun Light, and Nuni lite are other brands that help you enjoy a glass of wine without having to worry about your waistline.

The Low-calorie list : Here we bring to you best of 7 low-calorie wines that you can substitute your regular bottles with.

Rose: Dry Rose Wines, in general, have less sugar residue in a glass compared to other varieties. With an average 150 calories per glass, dry rose wines could make a great partner for the gorgeous dinners.

  1. Yes Way Rose: Yes Way Rose is a great option to look for that has a soft palate and pairs great with food in general. And unlike red wine, you don’t have to look for the oldest bottles to enjoy a sip with enhanced taste 
  1. Skinny Grand Cru Rose: This dry and delicate champagne could be just what you are looking for to enjoy nothing less than the flavors you want but with low calories. Standing true to its name Skinny by Thomas and Scott could be the perfect wine for your weight loss. It is also the most liked and preferred wine with low-calorie count. 
  1. Cense: A low calorie rose by cense has lined up the market today and with just 85 calories per 5-ounce it looks like you can take a bottle or two without guilt. The wine strikes with soft hints of strawberry, bright fruit and Bing cherry and a pleasant symphony of floral aromas and will make a lovely summer companion.

Red: Dry red wines can also be the right low-calorie substitutes for you everyday dinner time bottles.

  1. Pinot Noir: Like a dry rose, dry reds such as Pinot Noir or Merlot also have considerably low levels of sugar content in them. Richly fragrant and brimming with flavors, Pinot Noir, in fact, makes it hard to believe that it contributes only 150 calories per glass.
  1. Sumika Shiraz: A delicious glass of Sumika Shiraz would let you enjoy just as much as any other typical South African Shiraz but with 30 percent fewer calories and with just 8.5 percent alcohol content. The mild oaky taste with the tint of fruity flavors will be the amazing red alternate you have been hunting all along.

White: Bold white wines which are amazingly fragrant such as Sauvignon Blanc are also low-calorie wines. 

  1. Pinot Blanc: The low acidity gets the attention and the apparent sweetness beautifully defines the wine on your taste buds and wins you over. The wine is light bodied and goes great with meaty food and you can enjoy a glass with some steak without having to worry about the extra workout the next morning.
  1. Featherweight Pinot Grigio: Featherweight Pinot Grigio is the light body, low calorie, pocket-friendly wine you should shelf this season. With a crisp taste that is refreshing, this wine has only 55 calories per 125ml glass. You can comfortably pair it with a bowl of mixed vegetables and beans and enjoy a great meal with no calorie guilt.

Italian wines such as Feudo di Santa Tresa Frappato, Paltrinieri Radice Frizzante Secco, and Castello di Querceto Chianti Classico generally are richly flavored with the low-calorie count. Wine Spritzers are yet another way of consuming low calorie where the sugar is almost half of a normal glass. A favorite glass of wine blended with a seltzer water could be the drink you enjoy tonight that will dilute down the calories.

Stay away from consuming port wines as they usually have almost double the calories of an average glass of red. Look for bottles which have a low alcohol content as the number of calories is directly related to it. You can also substitute these low-calorie wines while preparing your meal such as for Red wine braised brisket. This way you can enjoy a wholesome meal without having to cheat on your calorie control.



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